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By infusing technology into your curriculum, your students will become part of an engaging learning experience that they will never forget as they become immersed in a multidisciplinary educational adventure.

Domenic Grignano
Pioneer, Innovator, and Educational Technology Consultant for K-12
Adjunct Professor at Fairfield University



Effective use of technology is critical to the acquisition of skills needed in a knowledge-based, twenty-first-century economy. Technology tools provide students and teachers with
__access to up-to-date, primary source material on the Internet.
__ways to collaborate with students, teachers, and experts around the world.
__opportunities for expressing knowledge and understanding via images, sound, and text.

Maximizing the Impact:  The Pivotal Role of Technology in a 21st Century Education System

It's time to focus on what students need to learn - and how to create a 21st century education system that delivers results.  In a digital world, no organization can achieve results without incorporating technology into every aspect of its everyday prectices.  It's time for schools to maximize the impact of technology as well.

State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA)
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Digital Learning Environments

The goal of technology integration is to use technology seamlessly so that the technology itself becomes a transparent and integral tool to teach core curriculum. When computers and software are used so that students have new methods of learning curriculum, these tools can promote and enhance students’ understanding of content in powerful ways. They can find information, collaborate with others and use images and sound as well as text to communicate what they have learned.
Digital Learning Environments

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